Loading twitter feeds using Twitter 1.1 APIs

posted on 07 July 2013
A simple article describing the steps required to access Twitter 1.1 APIs using OAuth.  […]

Building Custom Hibernate User Type

posted on 16 March 2013
Custom Hibernate user types prove handy whenever there is a requirement to use boolean and enum data types in the entity classes. In this  […]

RBAC using Apache Shiro

posted on 13 October 2012
A simple example to demonstrate role-based access control using Apache Shiro.  […]

Limitations in Conventional Exception Handling

posted on 10 July 2012
This article investigates the common problems in conventional exception handling and lists down the limitations.  […]

Hello World ! Using Java Native Interface

posted on 07 July 2012
A simple step by step guide to write your first Hello world program using Java Native Interface  […]

Invoking Fortran functions from Java

posted on 21 June 2012
A step-by-step guide to write a Java code to invoke a Fortran function using Java Native Interface.  […]

Using Dojo in a Java Web Application

posted on 17 June 2012
A simple formula for using Dojo in a Java web application  […]

Spring Security Contacts Example

posted on 17 June 2012



API Authorization Using Spring Security

posted on 17 June 2012
Various APIs of Spring Security helping us to achieve API level security - Design recommendations - Using Spring Security with JPA/Hibernate and many more.  […]